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What will happen to the State Capitol's famous bronze bear?

SACRAMENTO, CA - The 800-pound bronze statue of a grizzly bear outside the governor's office has become a celebrity itself. In fact, the $20,000 piece of art has become part of the Capitol tour since its arrival in the Spring of 2009, after then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spotted it at an Aspen art gallery.

A lot of people have their picture taken with it, pet it and even hug it. It's so popular, California Higway Patrol dubbed it "Bacteria Bear" and hand sanitizer was quickly put out nearby.

Capitol reporters called the bear "Mic" because it was a convenient place to put their microphones when waiting for Schwarzenegger to come out and talk to them.

Now that Schwarzenegger has left office, the fate of the bear is in limbo. Gov. Jerry Brown hasn't decided what to do, but does like what it stands for.

Sacramento former homeless woman has big talent

SACRAMENTO, CA -  Alicia Moore says she got through homelessness with a prayer and a song.

She's been inspired by the former Ohio radio D.J. Ted Williams, whose story and voice has become an Internet sensation.

"I think it's great he was discovered on the Internet,  I hope the same thing happens to me," said Moore.

She spent some of last year living on the streets of Sacramento with her four children. The family then turned to St. John's Shelter for Women.

Moore is hoping her singing voice will keep the family from returning to the streets again. Her rich, soulful voice is impressive. She admits she has never sung professionally.

"I sang in church and a few weddings but nothing more," she said.

Task force, public to look at Sacramento arena options

SACRAMENTO, CA- The Sacramento First Task Force will look at all four plans for a new arena in Sacramento Thursday morning.

A public hearing will take place at City Hall from 10 a.m. to noon.  The city showed off four arena options on Dec. 31, 2010.  They include the downtown rail site, a new arena at the current Arco Arena site and a new arena at the Cal Expo.

In a news release, the task force said it plans to release an analysis based on the Jan. 6 public hearing by Jan. 21, in time for a city council discussion scheduled for Jan. 25.

News10 tip leads to prison investigation in inmate's Facebook page

SACRAMENTO, CA - Thousands of California prison inmates are making calls and accepting "friend" requests.

That's the determination by prison officials who confiscated a record number of mobile phones from inmates last year -- a whopping 10,000 of them. That number is up from 1,400 in 2007.

A News10 viewer tipped us off to a Facebook account owned by an inmate, identified as 33-year-old Tiko Mack, at a state prison in Sacramento. We alerted corrections officials who began an investigation Mack's account. He's serving a six year sentence for assault with a deadly weapon.

"It's clear Mack had a cell phone, and took the pictures for his Facebook page from his own cell," said California Department of Corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton.

But Mack isn't alone. It's likely thousands of inmates have social networking accounts, and preventing them all is nearly impossible.

Sprinkler causes major flooding at downtown apartments

SACRAMENTO - The entire fourth floor of the Globe Mills Apartments on C st. in downtown Sacramento were flooded after a sprinkler malfunctioned.

Sacramento City Fire Dept. spokesman Jonathan Burgess said the call initially came out as a fire but when fire crews arrived they only found the fourth floor sprinkler spaying water.

Only one sprinkler malfunctioned, but Burgess said the entire floor was flooded when crews arrived. Rooms on the second and third floors and the entire basement were also flooded.

Several residents will temporarily be moved to different housing, but it is still unclear how many residents will need to be relocated.

Crews spent several hours pumping water out of the basement.

Police: Officers shoot, kill pitbull attacking horse in Old Sac

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento police officers were forced to shoot and kill a vicious pitbull after it attacked a horse pulling a carriage in Old Sacramento Tuesday afternoon, according to authorities.

The attack happened around 3:45 p.m. on 2nd and J Streets when witnesses said the pitbull went "crazy" and attacked horse passing by, said Sacramento police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong. Several Good Samaritans in the area tried to intervene when the dog latched onto the horse's face, but to no avail, said Leong.

"The carriage driver was shouting at the owner of the dog saying 'get it to stop, get it stop,'" said Steve Bauer, who witnessed the incident. "You can't stop that thing, there was nothing you could do."

When officers arrived, Leong said they had no choice but to shoot the dog. The carriage driver said everything happened so fast, he didn't have time to react.

Sacramento police: Teen shoots, kills partner during robbery

SACRAMENTO, CA - Police have arrested 19-year-old Marquis Greenwood for the accidental shooting death of an 18-year-old acquaintance during an armed robbery Monday evening, according to authorities.

Sacramento police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong said it all began just before 7 p.m. Monday when officers received a call of a gunshot victim taken to a mdeical clinic in the area of 30th and Q streets. The victim, identified as Tiekarian Troutman, later died from his injuries.

Investigators determined earlier that evening, Troutman, Greenwood and a 16-year-old girl attempted an armed robbery near 12th and E streets around 6:15 p.m.

Leong said during the robbery, a struggle ensued between one of the suspects and an employee of the business. At some point, investigators believe Green accidentally shot Troutman while trying to shoot an employee. Leong said Greenwood fled the scene but the girl stayed behind with Troutman.

Desperate times make for remorseful criminals?

SACRAMENTO, CA - Desperate times make for desperate criminals. But two recent cases might have you scratching your head. In one case, a robber apologized for his crime. In another, a knife-wielding cab passenger actually paid for his ride and left a tip.

At the corner of 20th and Q Streets Saturday night, police said a passenger pulled a knife on a cab driver. The man and driver were arguing over the destination when the man pulled out a knife. The driver took off on foot. The passenger also ran away but not before leaving the fare and a tip in the car.

"That is actually strange. If if it really happened, it's strange," said Fekadu Siyong, a taxi cab driver parked along L Street in front of the Hyatt Hotel.

On Monday night, a robber held up Fred Lisanti and his grandmother while they were working at the Weimar Country Store.

Less people dropping money in red kettles this year

SACRAMENTO - The Salvation Army is reporting a shortfall in red kettle donations this season. With only three days left in the holiday red kettle bell ringing season, The Salvation Army is asking for the public's help in upping donations.

Donations in the red kettles go to serve individuals in need throughout the area. Kettle funds not only help provide Christmases to families in need, the income also funds the much needed social service programs assorted Salvation Army locations offer throughout the year.

Local areas that are running short on kettle donations include:


To make a donation to these communities, simply drop it in the red kettle or visit their websites to make a secure donation online.

To make an online gift, visit the following websites for the areas in need:



Grange Restaurant - December 22, 2010

Grange restaurant is known for using fresh local food and quality ingedients.  Chef Michael Tuohy joins Guy and Melissa with a sampling of what's currently on their menu for this season. Options include lobster risotto, a special for New Year's Eve. We love having Grange on the show!

Grange Restaurant 
In the Citizen Hotel
926 J Street 
(916) 492-4450