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Suspected copper thieves caught at Las Palmas School

SACRAMENTO -- Police arrested two suspected copper thieves early Wednesday morning. They were on the roof of Las Palmas School.

At approximately 1:42 a.m. Wednesday, police received an alarm at Las Palmas School in Sacramento. As they were checking out the area, they heard the two suspects on the roof.  When they tried to contact the men, they began to run across the top of the school's roof.

From the ground, the officers chased the robbers, ordered them off of the roof and detained them at gunpoint. Burglary tools were found on the men and police say they were going to steal copper from the school. The two men were identified as 39-year-old Michael Locke and 32-year-old Tyrone Locke from Sacramento.

Locke was on parole and charged with Violation of Parole, Attempted Grand Theft, Possession of Burglary Tools, Conspiracy and Trespassing.

Are Facebook Promotions Getting an Update?

Looks like new Facebook Promotions guidelines may soon be released.

According to AllFacebook, an email sent out by Facebook sales representatives outlines the new rules.  In contrast to the old guidelines where promotions needed to be explicitly approved, promotions will no longer need prior written approval from Facebook. Basically, in regards to promotions, sweepstakes and contests on Facebook:

  • They no longer require prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook.

  • They no longer require a minimum media spend investment to support the promotion.

Understanding Facebook Insights: Impressions

A 3fold client called recently and asked for my thoughts on Facebook Insights. After answering his question I thought it might be helpful to breakdown the tool for others. My timing couldn’t be better because just as I sat down to write this post, Facebook announced an improvement to their Insights tool. A new feature measures additional metrics around content. It’s an exciting update that I’ll definitely share with you,  but let’s get to that in a second.

First, if you’re unfamiliar with Facebook Insights, the tool is a great feature included on “Like” pages. (Like pages, or fan pages, are typically used for business marketing). I always recommend companies and nonprofits build a Like page because of all the capabilities that come with it, including Insights.

Yelp for Restaurant Chains

Here’s a four letter word that makes many businesses cower and cry: YELP.

In the past several months, the 3fold team has helped two national  restaurant chains with their local marketing efforts. While there have been all sorts of fun things we’ve done for these brands (including working with fabulous food bloggers), one social tool stands out. Setting up, promoting and managing Yelp accounts has been incredibly fun, fascinating and frustrating all at the same time.

Here are a few things we’ve learned about Yelp as it relates to national restaurant chains:

Appetizer: Identify goals