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Three insurers agree to delay California rate increases

SACRAMENTO, CA (AP) -- Customers of three California health insurers will get some breathing room after the companies agreed to delay rate increases for 60 days.

State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said Thursday that Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna and PacifiCare agreed to the delay to give the state Department of Insurance time to examine their recent rate filings.

The insurance commissioner cannot reject premium increases, but Jones says he will use the additional time to make sure the rate proposals comply with federal and state laws.

Blue Shield of California previously rejected Jones' request for a delay of its latest increase, which will take effect March 1 and will be the third premium hike since October.

St. senator receives disturbing voicemail, threatening faxes

SACRAMENTO, CA - Someone left St. Sen. Leland Yee a racially offensive, mostly unair-able voicemail overnight. The caller was angry the San Francisco Democrat called for boycotting the advertisers of conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

The caller said: "Dude, why don't you just resign from office - from orfice, rather-- and go get a whatchamacallit, an eggroll and an unfortunate cookie and eat it."

Yee found the voicemail threatening because he also received faxes the day before with a pick-up truck dragging a noose.

"Anytime anybody makes a threat to your life or anyone who suggests your demise (it's disturbing)," Yee said.

He added, "What it does for me is embolden me that I'm going to continue and fight and stand for what I think is appropriate and right."

Yee took on Limbaugh for mocking the Chinese president last week during his White House visit.

Tres Hermanas: Holy mole!

Tres Hermanas: Holy mole!

When I moved to California I was excited, because I know you can get some pretty good stuff here. So for the last few months, I’ve been scouring Sacramento in search of the best Mexican food – and finally, on Saturday I found it.

The name of the restaurant is Tres Hermanas (2416 K Street in Midtown) and their food is to die for.

So what did I get that was so mouth-watering good?

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The mystery behind Midtown’s haunted mansion

The mystery behind Midtown’s haunted mansion

By Armando Gonzalez, SacMidtown.com

It’s your average Sunday afternoon in the heart of midtown’s Boulevard Park. People are out and about in the neighborhood running, walking and biking by.

Yet, something is different about the average day in the neighborhood on my block.

As the local midtowners scatter by they all share the same routine—they stop, they stand paralyzed, and they look up with wonderment at the sight of the abandoned mansion that sits across the street from my apartment. Some take pictures, others play investigator—but most simply stand in front, immobilized for about fifteen-minutes or more. Yep, just another average Sunday afternoon living across the street from the midtown Sacramento’s most haunted landmark. Read more...

Jan. 26 Sacramento Deals: Red Lotus...

Jan. 26 Sacramento Deals: Red Lotus...

Local Daily Deal:
Sacramento Groupon Deal: $10 for $20 Worth of Upscale Asian Fusion and Drinks at Red Lotus Kitchen & Bar in Midtown

Online Sacramento Deal:
Sacramento Deal Ticket Weekly Deal: $4 for $9 at the Squeeze Inn.

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Jordan Winemaker Dinner at The Firehouse on January 28

Jordan Winemaker Dinner at The Firehouse on January 28

The Firehouse’s January 28 Winemaker Dinner will be joined by Rob Davis, winemaker for Jordan Vineyard & Winery.

Davis, a graduate of the University of California, Davis, holds the rare distinction of serving as winemaker at a single winery for more than 35 years.

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Sacramento pizza bar goes green

SACRAMENTO, CA - Inside Downtown Sacramento eatery Hot Italian, the pizza is hot and the décor is green. Coffee can lights dangle over bar stools made from recycled bicycle wheels and locally grown vegetables top-off pizzas served on recycled paper pizza peel.

On Tues., Jan. 26 Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, awarded Hot Italian as the first LEED Silver Certified restaurant in Sacramento and only the third in California. In all, 44 businesses are LEED Certified in Sacramento County. Leed, or the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the nation's preeminent criteria for the design, construction and operation of green buildings.

California mayors seek to preserve redevelopment dollars

SACRAMENTO, CA - It's rare for the mayors of California's nine largest cities to be in one place, but they all came to the Capitol to meet with Gov. Jerry Brown in an effort to save their redevelopment money, which this year is $1.7 billion.

Local governments typically use a portion of property taxes to help spur revitalization in blighted neighborhoods with projects like shopping malls and affordable housing to create 300,000 jobs a year.

"All of us have historical unemployment rate, in my case, a very high poverty rate," said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigoa. "This is the wrong time to move away from job creation."

But Brown says in these tough budget times, he needs to divert that money to schools, public safety and social programs.

"The hallways are going to be crowded in the coming months of people who say please keep the money coming. And my message is: the money is not there," Brown said.

State lawmaker opposes crash tax, Sacramento official defends it

SACRAMENTO, CA - On the heels of another city - this time Sacramento - passing a measure to charge out-of-town residents fees for fire and police emergency service when they're in a crash, a Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill to outlaw the so-called "crash taxes."

California Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Moorpark, said not only it is the duty of a city's emergency responders to provide aid, but the fee is a double tax since municipalities already charge sales tax to both non-residents and residents to pay for emergency response.

Man denies threat against Sacramento mayor in jailhouse interview

SACRAMENTO, CA - A man arrested for a probation violation after he allegedly made a threat against Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson denies he intended any harm.

"Well, I just told him I think he's going to be out of office in about four hours, which was probably an exaggeration," said 43-year-old Fred Roger Nelson Jr. of Sacramento.

In an interview at the Sacramento County Jail Wednesday afternoon, Nelson insisted he did not mean to threaten the mayor physically.

"I was threatening his job, yeah. I mean, I wasn't threatening him. I think he's the greatest  ...  the greatest guard of all time," he said, referring to Johnson's years as an NBA star. 

Sacramento Police Department spokeswoman Laura Peck said the remark made to the mayor during a breakfast at The Grange Restaurant brought an immediate reaction from the officer charged with his security.