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Are your UPS deliveries safe?

SACRAMENTO, CA - 'Tis the season for crime as local thieves seem to be snatching up gifts from some doorsteps as fast as UPS can deliver. Karen Deering knows this as she's been a victim of the crime.

She shops online for holiday gifts. She's home all day and knows when the delivery person will arrive at her door.

"I know when the UPS driver gets here because the dog starts barking," said Deering.

Before she can makes it to the door to get her highly anticipated packages, she says someone gets to them first.

"I think someone is riding on a bike behind the drivers," Deering said.

Deering said two packages have been stolen from her front porch. She said she wants the delivery driver to ring the door bell. "It will give me a chance to answer the door. There's a lot of creeps watching the door," said Deering.

The most expensive gift she had stolen was a Kindle.

Suspected copper thieves caught at Las Palmas School

SACRAMENTO -- Police arrested two suspected copper thieves early Wednesday morning. They were on the roof of Las Palmas School.

At approximately 1:42 a.m. Wednesday, police received an alarm at Las Palmas School in Sacramento. As they were checking out the area, they heard the two suspects on the roof.  When they tried to contact the men, they began to run across the top of the school's roof.

From the ground, the officers chased the robbers, ordered them off of the roof and detained them at gunpoint. Burglary tools were found on the men and police say they were going to steal copper from the school. The two men were identified as 39-year-old Michael Locke and 32-year-old Tyrone Locke from Sacramento.

Locke was on parole and charged with Violation of Parole, Attempted Grand Theft, Possession of Burglary Tools, Conspiracy and Trespassing.