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CHP urges caution during Endeavour fly-over Friday | Events

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CHP urges caution during Endeavour fly-over Friday

EDWARDS AFB, CA - Space shuttle enthusiasts can watch for the Sacramento fly-over of Endeavour anytime after approximately 9 a.m. Friday, according to NASA.

The shuttle, mounted on top of a modified 747, will make a single loop fly-over around the downtown Sacramento area, centered on the State Capitol area, at about 1,500 feet altitude.

The flight schedule also calls for Endeavour to pass over the San Francisco Bay area, Santa Cruz and Monterey before heading south to its final stop at LAX. The spacecraft will be prepared for display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles starting Oct. 30.

The California Highway Patrol urges drivers to stay focused on the road and their driving during the shuttle fly-over. Motorists should not stop on roads or highways to view or take photographs of the fly-over. The CHP said such actions can create traffic congestion and cause accidents.

News10.net will carry of live stream of the fly-over. It can also be watched on NASA TV.

The flight can be followed with other fans on Twitter at hashtag #spottheshuttle.

Observers can send their photos of the Endeavour fly-over to now@news10.net.

The NASA space shuttle program ended in 2011 after 30 years.


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