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Foodies show up at California State Fair | Events

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Foodies show up at California State Fair
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Foodies show up at California State Fair

SACRAMENTO, CA - High calorie counts are not enough to keep people away from fair food.

The California State Fair is all about fun, but it's also about food for many.

"Oh yeah! Every year we come for the food, every year," Jerry Meza said. "We've been coming for 12 years!"

Funnel cakes, footlongs and French fries put a smile on foodies' faces, both big and small.

"I'm starting off with the ceviche, then I'm going to build my way up to the heavy cholesterol and fried things," said a man from San Diego.

Although California restaurants are required to post health information on their menus, food vendors in places like the state fair are not.

"Our menu labeling laws that went into affect a few years ago were for our fixed-facility chain restaurants and they did not affect the temporary booths such as these," Sacramento County Supervising Environmental Specialist Zarha Ruiz said.

Some of the calorie counts, according to Web MD:

  • Fried candy bars - 444 calories
  • Funnel cakes - 760 calories
  • Giant turkey legs - 1,136 calories

There are some healthy food options at the state fair, but you just have to keep your eyes open.

Fair goers can opt for grilled veggies instead of fried in some places or keep off some fatty condiments.

No matter what you choose to eat at the fair, experts said it's all about enjoying everything in moderation.

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