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Like a Little Kid in an App Store | Family

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Like a Little Kid in an App Store
Family, Moms
Like a Little Kid in an App Store

Momservation: Why waste the energy to call names when you can just Fat Face them?

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I have probably deleted more apps than most people will ever download.

The reason for my regular app housecleaning is two middle school kids who have a pretty bad app a day habit.

If that baby is free and has a half-way cool icon they are all over an app like Lindsay Lohan on a bad idea.

If they have an iTunes gift card burning a hole in their pocket they are raiding the Top 25 list like Pablo Sandoval hits a fridge.

For these reasons, I have my kids linked to my Apple account so I can see every purchase they make. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn for a while how to deselect the button that syncs all their app downloads simultaneously to my iPhone...

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Family, Moms