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Kate's Product Picks: Mascara!!!
Kate's Product Picks: Mascara!!!

I'm so excited to write about mascara -- I have so many feelings and opinions about what is by far and away my favorite makeup item!

By the way, my second favorite product is bronzer... and if you've seen my pale skin that shouldn't be a surprise.

My third favorite would be pink lipstick or gloss.

Okay... back to mascara. I have ALWAYS loved to glob on the stuff. I almost ruined my lashes in high school wearing too much waterproof mascara; it would never fully wash off and eventually turned into a black cement that hurt and thinned my lash line. It was bad -- be careful of waterproof mascara.

In the news broadcasting business A LOT of women wear false lashes. I love false lashes, but don't have the time, money or patience to wear them everyday. Only on special occasions for me!

My point, is that a thick, full lash line is critical if you want your eyes to pop. And unless you're famous cover girl, Sharbat Gula (see photo), you're eyes probably need some help from mascara (and eyeliner and shadow... but that's for another entry).

Disclaimer! I'm not advocating you wear as much makeup or mascara as me or other on-air news ladies. I wear three times as much makeup for work as I do on the weekends. But, if you're getting ready for an on-camera appearance or photos, I recommend a few extra coats... of everything. :)

Here we go!

KATE'S CURRENT MASCARA: Maybelline, Volum'Express Mascara, The Falsies, Black Drama (the purple tube)

Cost: $5-$7 at any drugstore

I used to use and also recommend Maybelline's Great Lash mascara (in the green and pink tube).

The Falsies Black Drama works really well for me and it's affordable, which is important since I probably go through a tube every 4-6 weeks. This mascara does not clump or crumble (although crumbling may occur after about 12 hours). I'm able to apply MANY coats and maintain lash separation.  They call this mascara, "The Falsies," for a reason: with enough coats it gives the same full-lash effect has fakes.

TBD: L'Oreal, Waterproof Voluminous, Carbon Black

$5-$7 at any drugstore

A professional makeup artists recommended this product to me. L'Oreal products are always worthwhile drugstore items to try out. The L'Oreal Group is the world's largest cosmetics and beauty company and distributes many professional and luxury makeup lines like YSL and Lancome. So... a lot of the formulas are likely the same or similar whether you're paying $5 or $50. (Similar relationship to Toyota and Lexus.)

I didn't like this mascara. It sort of clumped and created a weird spider-lash look and lacked volume.

HOWEVER, my sister and News10 reporter, Suzanne Phan LOVE this mascara, so not to be discounted. I would like to try the NON-waterproof version.

If you have any thoughts about this mascara, shoot me an email. klarsen@news10.net

BEST MASCARA EVER: YSL, Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils, Noir Radical

I generally don't believe in designer mascara, since many drugstore brands work so well. Perhaps more importantly, mascara doesn't last that long, unlike foundation or bronzer, which may be worth the extra money.

BUT, YSL Faux Cils is UH-MAY-ZING! If I could afford to, I would wear this stuff everyday. It never clumps or makes lashes spidery, it creates unbelievable volume and always stays put. But, in my experience, this stuff dries up REALLY quickly, like in less than 4 weeks. So until I'm able to spend $400 a year on mascara, this stuff will not be a part of my makeup wardrobe... except for special occasions. It's so amazing; I'm drooling.

COLOR ADVICE: I always buy black mascara. Even though I'm fair, black always looks the best and packs the most punch. I have blonde hair but my brows are a medium brown and my eyes are hazel so black does not overpower. If you have light eyes and blonde brows, a brown mascara may be best for everyday use.

I do not feel the same way about eyeliner, but that's for another entry.  ............

Thoughts? Email me at klarsen@news10.net

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