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Postal workers, citizens answer 'Letters to Santa' | Moms

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Postal workers, citizens answer 'Letters to Santa'

SACRAMENTO - Not far from 5th and L streets in Sacramento is the official "Dear Santa" post office. It's the place where three postal employees are tasked with reading, processing, and responding to thousands of "Dear Santa" letters. In most of the letters, kids ask for toys, but others are different - like this letter from a 12 year old:

"My letter is because I wish you (could) come to my house to visit my brothers please and if they can have a good dinner with delicious ham, salad, cookies, and a lot of milk. Please, I'm tired of eating rice and beans and drinking water -- we almost eat (like this) everyday - my parents don't have money."

That is just one of 400 "Dear Santa" letters piled up at the post office. Fortunately for that 12 year old, a postal employee has decided to deliver that Christmas feast himself this weekend.

So far, 100 benevolent individuals have sponsored letters like that one, buying the items listed in the letters and bringing those items back to the post office to be delivered before Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, that means 300 letters, just like the one from that 12 yearold, need sponsors.

Postal workers have been making deliveries all week - and have seen the harsh realities of this economy.

Another letter from a woman who says she was abandoned by her own mother at age 9 and has been homeless ever since. She is now pregnant and expecting to give birth on Christmas Day.  The mother-to-be is asking for basic baby necessities: A stroller, socks, a bottle. Fortunately, she has a sponsor, and all of the items she asked are now in the post office, ready to be delivered to her.

If you would like to be a sponsor, go to the downtown post office inside the Westfield Mall at 7th and L streets across from LensCrafters. Sponsors have until Friday afternoon to claim a letter, purchase the requested items, and bring them back to the post office to be delivered.