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Foodies show up at California State Fair

Foodies show up at California State Fair

SACRAMENTO, CA - High calorie counts are not enough to keep people away from fair food.

The California State Fair is all about fun, but it's also about food for many.

"Oh yeah! Every year we come for the food, every year," Jerry Meza said. "We've been coming for 12 years!"

Funnel cakes, footlongs and French fries put a smile on foodies' faces, both big and small.

"I'm starting off with the ceviche, then I'm going to build my way up to the heavy cholesterol and fried things," said a man from San Diego.

Although California restaurants are required to post health information on their menus, food vendors in places like the state fair are not.

"Our menu labeling laws that went into affect a few years ago were for our fixed-facility chain restaurants and they did not affect the temporary booths such as these," Sacramento County Supervising Environmental Specialist Zarha Ruiz said.

Sacramento Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Join News10 and Sac & Co as we celebrate The Annual Sacramento Regional Science & Engineering Fair on March 9th! Hundreds of creative students from throughout the Sacramento region will compete in the Fair at Rosemont High School in Sacramento.

Each year, the Sacramento Regional Science & Engineering Fair produces winners that go on to shine on the international stage.  In 2012, our Grand Prize winner placed first in Energy and Transportation at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair, which draws more than 1,600 students from 59 countries. 

Someone Put That Kid to Sleep

Someone Put That Kid to Sleep


Momservation: Nap time has saved many a mother’s sanity.

☺        ☺        ☺

It is a noted and accepted fact that my son cannot sit still.

He is a body in motion that stays in motion.




A Date with Dan & Dr. Seuss!

You see him first thing in the morning on News10...now enjoy a classic book with Dan Elliott as he helps celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday!

Join News10 Good Morning Anchor Dan Elliott as he reads aloud the classic Dr.Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham! Enjoy the rhyming tale at noon at the Elk Grove Library, on March 2nd.

Crafts will follow the aloud reading at 12:30pm and watch the Dr. Seuss movie, The Lorax at 1:30pm!


Weekly Challenge: Making your "Fitness Appointments"

Weekly Challenge: Making your "Fitness Appointments"


Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration: Fairytale Town

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." And there was no one quite like Dr. Seuss! Celebrate Theodore Seuss Geisel's birthday at Fairytale Town with Seuss-themed hands-on activities around the park and a nonstop read-aloud of your favorite Seuss books. "If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good."

News10's Sac & Co host Mellisa Paul will be a featured celebrity reader at noon. Come enjoy this free program with paid park admission, Saturday March 2nd from 11 am until 3pm.