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Sacramento police arrest two and seize property in homeless protest | News

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Sacramento police arrest two and seize property in homeless protest

For the second time in a week Sacramento police broke up a homeless protest at Sacramento City Hall and made arrests. And this time, they took the protester's belongings.

"They took everything," Mohammed Abughannan said. "They took people's blankets, they took people's underwear, They took people's phones."

The homeless protesters are angry with police for enforcing a city ordinance that makes it illegal to camp on public property. Ysidro Valles sees it differently.

"If you're trying to serve and protect, you have to do what you're ordered to do."

He also once agreed to serve and protect. Ysidro says he served in Vietnam with the US Army. Now, he's homeless.

"It's ok until you start being wake up or the rain starts coming down, or even the homeless people come and mess with you," he said.

Ysidro says in 1989 his life changed for the worse. His 7-year-old son, named after him but better known as Punky, was abducted and killed. His body was found in West Sacramento.

"When my son was killed nothing was left," Ysidro said. "I didn't care to live. I tried to kill myself, commit suicide many times."

He says he gets money from Veteran's Affairs and stays at a motel for weeks at a time, but has not been able to find permanent housing, in part, due to his drinking problem.

"Nobody will give me a chance," Ysidro said. "Look how I look, all dirty. I go in there with a backpack. Are you going to give me an application for an apartment? Probably not.

"He plans to keep trying, but in the meantime he wishes he had a better option than sleeping on the sidewalk, risking arrest.

"I wish they would find somewhere where we could set our tents up, some restrooms and showers," he said. "And we could pay $5 or $6, or $10 a month."

For now he watches from the sidelines as the protest goes on with no end in sight.