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City council meeting ends with protests over homeless ordinance | News

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City council meeting ends with protests over homeless ordinance


The Sacramento City Council meeting was cut short on Tuesday night, causing the public to erupt in protest inside the chambers and ask for vice mayor Rick Jennings’ recall.

The council was being confronted for the arrests of homeless protesters in front of City Hall.

“We are arresting our homeless brothers and sisters for being poor and we know full well that there is nowhere else for them to go,” Grace Loescher, one of the few speakers that got to comment on the homeless issue in front of the council, said.

But what did it was the cheering during the public commentary.

“We cannot conduct the meeting when you continue to yell, scream, applaud and interrupt the speaker,” Jennings said before adjourning the meeting.

When the public said they wouldn’t stop applauding the council members walked out.

“I think it’s kind of cowardly.” Laura Goldstein, who attended the meeting in support of the homeless protesters, said. “They certainly tolerate applause during other people’s presentations.”

Out of 25 people who wanted to comment on the homeless issue, only three did during the meeting. Instead, they made up their own time and took turns speaking in front of the empty chairs.

“I mean is that where it has to get? Because somebody doesn’t like what people are saying?” Bob Saunders, a local activist, said. “That’s your job. Either that, or do a better job.”

Tonight the city council approved 6 housing units and a one year contract with a nonprofit to provide services for the homeless and disabled.

“Make sure that the money is not getting eaten up by administration and make sure in the meantime people have the right to rest,” James Lee ‘Faygo’ Clark, a homeless activist, told the council.

Councilmember Jay Schenirer invited protesters to sit down and compromise.

After they complied with police’s orders to leave the City Hall building by 9p.m. on Tuesday, the group started discussing who will be the leaders to represent them in the meeting with the council members.