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Are 'ballot selfies' the next big trend? | News

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Are 'ballot selfies' the next big trend?


A bill that would allow you to take a selfie with your marked ballot in the next election was approved by the State Assembly on Wednesday.

“It does sound silly at first, but when you see a lot of other people voting people will realize it’s a civic obligation and a duty and hopefully they’ll begin voting and build a habit up over the years,” Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-Marin County) said.

AB 1494 would let Californians take pictures of their ballots and then post them to social media.

Currently the law doesn’t allow people to show their ballots to others and if you interfere with the secrecy of voting you could face a felony.

“By taking pictures of themselves eating dinner or their dog, people share things on social media, it’s much more important for them to share they are voting on social media and I wanted to make sure that was protected as the first amendment intends,” Levine added.

 “I think that’s actually a really cool idea that way we can have a more personalized idea of who our voters are and what’s actually happening in the world and how they respond to everything,” Kaitlyn Green said.

Others on the streets of Sacramento felt differently.

“It’s pretty ridiculous. There should be more important things to be worried about than selfies in a ballot box,” James Morrison said.

Levine said he thinks allowing this could attract younger voters.

“If they see that their friends are voting online because of them taking pictures of themselves voting on social media, maybe they are going to realize that it’s time to vote, as well,” Levine said.

The bill now moves onto the State Senate for consideration.