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What's Buggin' You: Leaves continue to pile up in Sacramento | News

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What's Buggin' You: Leaves continue to pile up in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, CA - The five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years are a busy time of year and not just for shoppers. It's the busiest season for Sacramento's Solid Waste Division because of fall leaf pick-up.

Sacramentans have expressed frustration and concern over the City of Sacramento's lack of timely leaf pick-up. Sacramento's Waste Division says they are making every effort to stay on schedule and have all their crews working six days a week to pick-up leaves on Sacramento streets.

Sacramento is "the city of trees," and residents are used to an annual leaf fall but many are saying this year is worse than ever.

"We did have a very intense leaf fall after Thanksgiving with the wind," said Steve Harriman, Integrated Waste General Manager for the City of Sacramento.

Hours later leaf piles on Fleet Circle in Sacramento were cleaned-up after a month of piling up on the street and the city says they will pick other piles pointed out by customers in the next week.

News10 will continue to monitor Sacramento's leaf pile problem.

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