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Sacramento Food Bank to provide 'Meals for Health' program | Community Spirit

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Sacramento Food Bank to provide 'Meals for Health' program
Sacramento Food Bank to provide 'Meals for Health' program

SACRAMENTO - Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) embarked on a new partnership with the EarthSave International, a non-profit organization that will launch an exciting new program called Meals For Health (MFH) on April 8.

MFH is a 30-day intervention that provides low-income families with education and support to eat a healthy, low-fat, plant-strong diet in order to dramatically improve their health. There is no cost to participants and all support, food (donated by Whole Foods) and materials will be provided. MFH participants are individuals who currently receive services from one of SFBFS’ programs such as Adult Education, Mother-Baby or Women’s Wisdom Art.

Health improvements, weight loss and disease reversal of MFH participants will be measured and tracked under medical supervision of physicians throughout the 30-day program. Local food coaches and dozens of volunteers will assist participants in completing their journey. Food coaches provide regular support, ongoing education, potlucks and video presentations. MFH is a health program which has been shown to reverse high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Experts on the MFH team have run similar programs and seen results in tens of thousands of participants. However, this pilot program is the first of its kind in a low-income population.

The groundbreaking intervention takes a selected group of very low-income clients from SFBFS who suffer from serious health problems and turns them into plant-strong eaters. Participants learn about healthy nutrition, easy food preparation, exercise options and low cost shopping strategies in order to successfully transition their families to a healthy, unprocessed, whole food plant-strong eating style. MFH will plant seeds and spread sensible nutrition to interested families and individuals across the Sacramento community and has the potential to significantly decrease health problems while increasing energy and self esteem, across this challenged population.

The participant roster for this MFH pilot program is complete, but we invite you to SFBFS to see what new and innovative steps are being taken in our community to improve the health and wellness of those in great need. Dramatic results in blood pressure, weight and medication intake is expected by the end of April.

EarthSave plans to grow MFH in the Sacramento community with subsequent waves of increasing size, as members of this early intervention groups may go on to become plant-strong leaders and coaches.

For more information about EarthSave International, please visit www.earthsave.org. For more information about Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, please visit www.sacramentofoodbank.org.

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