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FBI guns, badge stolen from locked vehicle

The Sacramento FBI is offering a reward for information about guns and official badge stolen from a locked and alarmed federal vehicle.

They said the FBI vehicle was parked in a neighborhood in Benicia Friday morning when the items were taken.

The stolen items include: a Glock 22, Glock 27, Springfield 1911a, a FBI badge and credentials and other FBI property.

Smiling at work could be taking a hidden toll on you


Most of us feel like we always need to be “on” at work. But if you’re in a job where you actually have to smile as part of your job, it could be taking a hidden toll on you.

Mayor Kevin Johnson: $14.6M to new, job-creating initiatives


It may have been Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s eighth and final State of the City address, but he showed no signs of slowing down.

Johnson proposed three new initiatives aimed at creating jobs in Sacramento. As described, the initiatives would require $14.6 million in city funding.

Muslim hate speech written on Sacramento State campus

Sacramento State officials are investigating hate speech writing discovered Tuesday on campus. 

University President Robert Nelsen said the hate speech was written toward the Muslim community on campus. 

"I was heartbroken and angered to learn that this happened on our campus," Nelsen wrote in a message to students, staff and faculty. "We are a Hornet family, and we will not stand for this kind of treatment of our family members."

The incident happened in the quad area of campus where student organizations gather to recruit and educate other students.

The Muslim Student Association was working at its table and took a break to go to class. When the students returned they found the hateful message.

Broken gas line in Midtown capped, road closures still in effect

A ruptured gas line at I and 15th Streets has been capped by PG&E, Sacramento Fire spokesman Chris Harvey confirmed.

Evacuations and road closures at I Street from 14th to 16th Streets and on 15th Street from H to J streets are still in effect, Harvey added.

The gas line on I and 15th Streets caused Sacramento firefighters to evacuate the surrounding area. Gas started to leak from a manhole and has caused the intersection to be closed down.

The cause of the break occurred when PG&E crews installed the gas line and bored through the City Sewer System, Harvey said.

Today city crews were working to clear the sewer system out and did not realize the pipe was there, he added.

Harvey said that evacuations and road closures will remain in effect for several hours.

Are 'ballot selfies' the next big trend?


A bill that would allow you to take a selfie with your marked ballot in the next election was approved by the State Assembly on Wednesday.

Sacramento residents may soon see a rate hike on their water and sewage bills

The Sacramento City Council proposed Wednesday to increase water and sewage bills by up to 10 percent for improvement projects.

The Utilities Rate Advisory Commission held a public hearing to go over the rate adjustment with residents.