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O.J. Simpson won't be invited to USC practices, functions

LOS ANGELES (AP) — O.J. Simpson won't be invited to watch practice or take part in any official functions at his alma mater this fall following his release from prison... Read More

Ryan Seacrest back as host of 'Idol' when it returns on ABC

NEW YORK (AP) — Seacrest in!... Read More

Fox stock holds steady following O'Reilly firing.

Shares of Fox News' parent company, 21st Century Fox, held steady in morning trading Thursday following the firing of longtime and top-rated segment host Bill O'Reilly... Read More

Harriet Tubman goes solo on 'Underground' special episode

NEW YORK (AP) — Harriet Tubman, who escaped from slavery in the antebellum South to become a leading abolitionist, is best known today as a righteous figure and the future face on the $20 bill... Read More

O'Reilly advertisers risk reputation, but viewers remain

NEW YORK (AP) — While dozens of brands have said they're pulling ads from Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor" because of harassment allegations against its host, others remain to court the bigges... Read More

Sacramento History for Kids

Sacramento History for Kids

Who says history has to be boring? Come hear tales of floods, fires, revolts, and even a story that almost ended in death by duck! The kicker is that all of these stories are true and taken from the residents of the Old City Cemetery. Come see why truth is stranger than fiction. This tour is designed for kids in FOURTH GRADE and up.


It’s Over. Say Goodbye. Get out and MOVE

It’s Over. Say Goodbye. Get out and MOVE

You heard me. Put it down. You don’t need that last Milky Way. No seriously, you don’t. Will one more kill you? No. But you don’t need it. Step away. Throw it away. Like deep down in the trash so you aren’t tempted to dig it out later in a moment of weakness. Is it in there? Deep down? Good. Now get out of the house and go for a walk. Crisis adverted.

You’re welcome.

I think we can officially welcome Autumn at this point since it doesn’t appear it will hit 90 degrees again in the coming weeks. So welcome beautiful cool, crisp, air. Bright, deep, gorgeous fall colors, and every holiday that center’s around eating. We here at Mama Bootcamp welcome you with open arms. (notice I did not say open mouths?) but open arms yes, because it is the most wonderful time of the year!