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Sacramento County cuts pet adoption rates in October | Animal Lovers

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Sacramento County cuts pet adoption rates in October

From The County of Sacramento.

Sacramento, Calif., - October is national adopt a shelter animal month and the Sacramento County Animal Shelter is promoting fall pet adoptions with ADOPTOBERFEST! Adopters will receive a fifty-percent reduction in adoption fees which includes spay/neuter services, licensing, microchipping, and vaccinations. The City of Sacramento Animal Services is also joining the County Animal Shelter in this promotion.

"Between the County and the City, we have a broad selection of animals that people can select from," stated Dave Dickinson, Interim Director of the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. "If someone is looking for a good companion to share their home with, now is a great time to give a shelter animal a new life as a beloved family pet."

All animals are available; however puppies under six months, exotic animals, and horses are subject to some restrictions at the County Shelter.

Sacramento County Animal Care

3839 Bradshaw Road

Wednesday – Friday 12:30-5:30

Saturday and Sunday 12 noon – 4:30



City Animal Care Services

2127 Front Street

Wednesday – Friday 12 noon – 5:30

Saturday and Sunday 12 noon – 5:00