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GOP legislators want pension reform for tax extension support

SACRAMENTO, CA - Gov. Jerry Brown's California state budget proposal relies on asking voters to pay the temporary tax hikes for five more years.

Now Republicans are threatening to block the move to put the request on the ballot unless there's action on the public employee pension problem.

"It's very difficult to ask the people in the state of California to pay more money in taxes when Sacramento doesn't have its fiscal house in order," said St. Sen. Mimi Walters, R-Laguna Hills.

Among her ideas:convert retirement for state workers to a 401K-style plan.

"People are very upset that people who are making a living in government are getting astronomical pensions," said Walters.

Brown: In crisis, we have to learn to work together

SLIDESHOW: Gov. Brown's Inauguration

SACRAMENTO, CA (AP) -- Democrat Jerry Brown has been sworn in as California's 39th governor, returning to the office he left 28 years ago but inheriting a more troubled state than the one he knew then.

Now 72, he took the oath of office inside the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium after being introduced by his wife of five years, former Gap Inc. executive Anne Gust Brown.

Where his predecessor, Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, expressed optimism at every turn, Brown has been realistic since winning the Nov. 2 election. He says the financial choices facing Californians will be painful.