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Kate's Product Picks: Bronzer, Matte vs. Shimmer

Ahhhh... bronzer. Without you, my pale freckled face would look oh so ghostly. But, thanks to you, with just the stroke of a brush, I look like I've been kissed by the sun!

For me, bronzer (along with mascara) is a definite can't-live-without product. If I only have time to apply one makeup product, it's always bronzer. I'm fair-complected and a little bronzer brings instant life to my skin. On camera, bronzer is critical. Lights and cameras tend to make pale people look REALLY pale -- it's called "getting blown out." Even when you have the most talented photographer and great lighting, bronzer is a must. Although... you can have all the bronzer in the world, but if the camera iris is up too much and the light is too hot, you're toast -- pale ghost toast. So be nice to your photog.

I currently have two bronzers in my makeup bag.

Our In-House Wardrobe Stylist

Our In-House Wardrobe Stylist

Samantha Macleod is currently the Associate Producer for News 10's, Sac & Co. morning show. And to my surprise, I  recently learned that this wasn't the only place she has been displayed her leadership skills and talents. Samantha is a freelance wardrobe stylist for films and commercials all throughout the Sacramento area! As a fashion enthusiast, I was really excited to gain perspective on Samantha's expertise so we sat down for a chat and here's what I learned...

Kate's Product Picks: Mascara!!!

Kate's Product Picks: Mascara!!!

I'm so excited to write about mascara -- I have so many feelings and opinions about what is by far and away my favorite makeup item!

By the way, my second favorite product is bronzer... and if you've seen my pale skin that shouldn't be a surprise.

My third favorite would be pink lipstick or gloss.

Okay... back to mascara. I have ALWAYS loved to glob on the stuff. I almost ruined my lashes in high school wearing too much waterproof mascara; it would never fully wash off and eventually turned into a black cement that hurt and thinned my lash line. It was bad -- be careful of waterproof mascara.

In the news broadcasting business A LOT of women wear false lashes. I love false lashes, but don't have the time, money or patience to wear them everyday. Only on special occasions for me!

My point, is that a thick, full lash line is critical if you want your eyes to pop.

Kate's Product Picks: Cheapo Lip Gloss Works!

Kate's Product Picks: Cheapo Lip Gloss Works!

From L to R here are the lip glosses currently in my makeup bag:

1) MAKE UP FOR EVER: Lab Shine Metal Collection M14 -- $18

2) YSL: Gloss Pur (color # rubbed off) -- $30

3) Bonne Bell Lip Smackers: Lip Sparkler Vanilla Frosting -- $3.50

4) MAC: Lipglass, Viva Glam V -- $14.50

5) NARS: Lip Gloss, Orgasm -- $24

I love all the glosses in my makeup bag, but there's one that stands out from the rest and has been with me the longest: Lip Smackers!

This clear gloss with subtle sparkles tastes good enough to eat and looks great! I've been buying the vanilla flavor since high school, but it comes in a wide variety of shades and flavors.

The best part -- $3.50 a tube!

Kate's Product Pick!

Kate's Product Pick!

I have always loved makeup, but now that I'm a TV News Reporter, I REALLY love makeup. Since the advent of high definition cameras, a flawless face has become more important than ever and that has left me and many of my peers packing on the products.

Since I spend so much time (and money) on makeup and beauty products, I thought I'd start blogging about what I'm using and how it stacks up against the rest of my makeup bag.

My hope is that fellow makeup-lovers will learn from my successes (and failures) how to better navigate the makeup counters.

For my first entry, I start with my favorite find of the past year -- Shadow Insurance by Two Faced.

Shadow Insurance is an eyeshadow primer that works!

Before this product, my shadow would slip off my lid and crease. When I used multiple shadows, the colors would melt into each other and I would lose definition -- basically my lid would turn into a muddy mess.

Sacramento Shopping Scene: Local Boutiques vs. Mall Madness

Sacramento Shopping Scene: Local Boutiques vs. Mall Madness

Style. Image. Personal Service. Convenience.

These are all things we take into consideration when we go out on a shopping adventure. Many of us know what we want and what we want to spend.

But where to go? Grind into the mall parking lot and head into the vast selection of shops and department stores? Or do we hop off the freeway and glide into Midtown Sacramento where galleries and boutiques share the tree-lined streets from Capitol Park to Business 80.

If you choose the mall, you'll know pretty much what to expect. Gap, Macy's, Nordstrom, etc. all have many styles to choose from (at tremendous markup), but finding a knowledgeable clerk who can spend time with you is difficult. And chances are, when you do decide on that cute dress, somebody at the party will have also decided on the same dress! Because these huge chain stores buy large quantities of the same item, and load their racks with them.