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Photo Gallery | From Roadside to Ranch; Lucky Pal Finds a Home

Earleene Friend and her daughter Dori were captivated when they heard the story of a horse hit by a car that was left for dead on the side of the road until a News10 producer showed up.  Dubbed Lucky Pal by that same producer, the year-old Palomino was transferred to Dr. Bob Hunter's Stallion Ranch for evaluation and treatment.

Horse lovers, Earleene and Dori followed the ensuing reports on News10 regarding the status of Lucky Pal. But beyond casual viewers, the two ladies called Stallion Ranch regularly, asking how they could help and if anyone had claimed the yearling.  Dori Friend then took it upon herself to donate thousands of dollars towards Lucky Pal's treatment.

Several weeks, a series of x-rays, and a major surgery later, nobody had claimed Lucky Pal as their own.  Earleene inquired with Dr. Hunter about adopting the horse, regardless of the fact that the surgery, although complete, was not guaranteed to be a lasting success.  If the fractured bone did not set, it could possibly re-break and Lucky Pal would likely need to be euthanized.  Nevertheless, Dori continued to contribute to Lucky Pal's vet bills, and Earleene never waned in her attempts to adopt the Palomino.

Finally, Earleene was granted permission to adopt Lucky Pal.  So, without ever meeting the horse, and uncertain of his future, Earleene Friend brought Lucky Pal into her fold.  So this horse, once abandoned, hit by a car and marked for death, now begins a new life with a loving family on a ranch in Ione, Calif.

Only time will tell if Lucky Pal will suffer any setbacks in his recovery,  but with the continued love and support of Earleene and Dori, his outlook cannot be considered anything but bright.