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Photo Gallery | 2013 Barrio Fiesta Filipinas

ELK GROVE, CA - For all of you Filipino’s (mga kababayan) and Filipino food or entertainment lovers, come join us in the first 2013 Barrio Fiesta Filipinas (BFF) to be held in Elk Grove Regional Park this Saturday,  August 31st from 10am-7pm.

Plenty of excitement with local and far vendors booth, delicious food booths, grand cultural performances, musical entertainment, Pageant for Mr. and Miss BFF, Bench model search, Filipino actors or actresses, guest performances and so much more.

For those of you who may not know what the Barrio Fiesta is – it is  best known as one of the largest gathering for the Filipino community whether in the Philippines, United States or anywhere Filipinos have migrated.  The one unifying element amongst the geographical, historical and cultural diversity of the Philippines is the fiesta. Described as the most beloved institution in the country, the fiesta embodies everything held dear by the Filipino people. This special event is organized by and hosted by Filipino American International Youth Development Foundation (FAIYDF) and in partnership with TFC Sama Sama Kapamilya. These organizations draw Filipino community groups and businesses from all over the United States or their local areas.

Our host, FAIYDF’s mission as a non-profit organization helps less fortunate children, youth and individuals in the Philippines in order to promote positive change. Their motto is that "Restoring Lives Fulfilling Dreams." By bringing young, aspiring individuals into the community we help the youth develop and mature into the leaders of tomorrow.

 FAIYDF Program provides youth with the tools and environment that they need to develop into great leaders and become a productive citizen.  For more information contact Howell Felix at (916) 509-9663 or filamyouthfoundation@yahoo.com.

Check out the FAIYDF website:  (copy and paste on your web browser) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Filipino-American-International-Youth-Development-Foundation/171002956247980 and support this great organization at and find out how you can help touch lives of the children and youths in need.

Check out BFF You Tube promo provided by Crossings TV - Jinky H. Dolar: http://youtu.be/qh6igTaxeg4

Check out BFF website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Barrio-Fiesta-Filipinas-BFF/1408050859406639

Sama Sama Kapamilya – means come all of you join our family, see you there!