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Photo Gallery | Anuhea Jams with us in downtown Sacramento - Harlow's Restaurant & Night Club

SACRAMENTO, CA – ANUHEA! Love, love her music, her lyrics, her performances!!!! Anuhea graced us with her presence March 5, 2013, Tuesday night at our very own Harlows Restaurant & Night Club, in downtown Sacramento. This singer and songwriter and her band definitely gave us a show to that vibed off the Hawaiian acoustic soul, pop, rap and reggae that they represent. Due to Anuhea's signature guitar rhythms, sultry vocals and honest song writing, she received recognition as Hawaii's next rising star.

Her debut album "Anuhea" was released in April of 2009. It shot to #7 on the iTunes Pop Charts, #4 on R&B, and #3 on the World/Reggae Billboard Charts and multiple singles became commercial successes on Hawaii and AAA national radio. (http://anuheajams.com/about.asp)

As a naturally gifted songwriter, each of Anuhea's songs are a clever balance of emotions where each of has a unique story to tell, and a lesson learned. Anuhea says, "I'm influenced highly by R&B and Soul, Hip Hop and Funk, but my instrument is acoustic guitar. I tend to write most of my songs during the craziest parts of my life. I'll write pages and pages in my notebook in no order then go back with my guitar in my hands and sing the words as lyrics to some chords. That's how most songs start for me." Anuhea wants to be a part of a new generation melding the melodic traditions of her island upbringing with modern beats and influences.

Music has been in Anuhea's family for generations, so it was inevitable that her seeded passions would reflect the same. We wish the songwriter/singer the very best and will be enjoying her continued success and awaiting her new songs to come! Check her out and her upcoming shows at http://anuheajams.com/shows.asp !! You will not be disappointed!

One more thing, Anu-Nation is also bringing the aloha and awkward shakas to you! Take that standard shaka, flip it around, and make the "awkward shaka" a movement! A hand gesture that means, aloha, life is good, and let's not take our selves too seriously-- Let's laugh and enjoy the ride!

We love you ANUHEA! Mahalo! CHEEWHOOOOOOOO! (hope I spelled that right!)          

Pictures provided from Anuhea’s facebook page, Marifel Juan-Inocelda, Manuel (JJ) Dizon