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Photo Gallery | JF Kennedy High School Touched By E15M Program - Special Thank You CHP And Sacramento Fire Dept.

JF Kennedy High School, March 18, 2013, participated in the E15M Program, which “brings together a broad coalition of interested local agencies with the goal of reducing alcohol-related incidents among youth.  The partnering of the California Highway Patrol, local law enforcement, local hospitals, emergency medical responders, schools, businesses and service clubs validates the importance of working together to ensure a healthy community.” (California Office of Traffic Safety). 

Students became involved in a 2-day program that touched them on a level that only a program like this could achieve.   Although this was a mock crash scene, the imprint of the combination of alcohol and driving will be embedded, hopefully for a lifetime, as they witnessed incredible reenactments of what awaits them should they make the fatal choice to drink and drive!

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento initiated notifications that no one can imagine receiving until that knock at the door, opened to two Law Enforcement Chaplains accompanied by a California Highway Patrol Officer with information about a loved one. 

Today, even with the parents’ awareness that a ‘mock’ death notification would be served, that knock on the door did come, and no amount of preparation cushioned them from the shock of hearing that their child had died in car crash.   The parents were comforted with the quiet presence of the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento, supporting the parents as they processed their feelings.  California Highway Patrol Officer also was in attendance and answered any questions with information he had.  Law Enforcement Chaplains are called by law enforcement as well as the Coroner’s Office to deliver death notifications and they know all too well this delivery will impact one’s life forever.  They were grateful this was only  a ‘mock’ notification, for all far too often, it is a reality. 

It is hoped these ‘mock’ E15M death notifications, although simulated this day, will leave the impact on students as they come to realize, their decision to drink and drive or be in a vehicle where the driver has consumed any alcohol, affects not only their lives, but the lives are forever changed of their families and friends. 


The students were brought to the stadium where they witnessed a mock crash-scene.  The reenactment took the audience from the 911 call initiated by the drunk-driver, to the emergency medical responders…California Highway Patrol personnel, Sacramento Fire Department, ambulance, helicopter-landing to air-lift a victim of the crash to medical personnel, as well as parents, awaiting the victim at U.C. Davis Medical Facility, and finally, the arrival of the Coroner, as the Grim Reaper stood over the body being prepared for transport to the office of the Sacramento County Coroner.   

Sacramento Fire Department highlighted this mock scene in which two fatalities were encountered, as well as two severely injured students.  Our Sacramento Fire Department showed, step-by-step, the response required to free a victim who was trapped requiring Sacramento Fire Department to quickly work with the vehicle’s framework, actually cutting and removing the top such that they could attend to the passenger. 

Bravo, Sacramento Fire Department for guiding students through the process to allow medical first responders to attend these passengers.  Fire fighters were touched deeply as one could see in their faces, as memories of real scenes once again revisited them with this reenactment. 

California Highway Patrol officer performed various standard sobriety tests.  Students 

An arrest ensued and students faced all potential outcomes of an alcohol-related crash. 

As the hearse drove off, fading slowly from the scene, complete stillness was in the air.  Not one heart, albeit student, emergency medical responders still on-scene, California Highway Patrol Officers, Law Enforcement Chaplains, teachers, and staff members, was left untouched.   

And, to the students and parents reading this article, why not formulate a plan for your young person to have a contact that CAN be there, when the right decision is made, to NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.  A life will be saved!

A special thank you is in order from our community to all whose efforts are touching the lives of our youth – perhaps, saving one life at a time! 

Contact:  www.sacchaplains.com for further information relating to E15M

Photographer/writer: Lisa O'Hara, Conributor News10 My Neighborhood, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento, Staff Photographer